Doris adventure in lagos +18

I’m Doris a married lady from Alabama US; I turned just 40 last week and I celebrated my birthday in a grand style. It was an experience I will live to always remember, I was able to fulfill my long standing sexual fantasy with Chinedu. I have been chatting online with Chinedu for the past 6 months; he is a 27 year old young Nigerian man. We performed all manner of sexual activity online, our sexual attraction getting more intense at each passing day. My online relationship got so passionate that whenever I had s-x with my husband I always see Chinedu’s face, that I once exclaimed his name (Chinedu baby) while making love with my husband. Looking bewildered he asked “who’s Chinedu”. I quickly turned the table around so he wont get a glimpse of what i meant, so I said to him that it was just a sexual exclamation “S–t now do me baby”. I promised myself that I must fulfill this sexual fantasy with Chinedu on my 40th birthday no matter what. It would be a life unfulfilled not making my sexual encounter with him come alive; our relationship is more of lust than love. At the mention of his name my p.ussy tingles, looking at his picture my p—y drips wet. I saved majority of my earnings towards this sexual fulfillment, with a strong feeling inside me that it would come out all right and worth pains of saving.

I had to work it out with my boss to provide me with a fake official assignment to Lagos Nigeria. You might be wondering how this could be possible, well I have a close working relationship with my boss, and he is my friend and my boss. So on the 17th of August I took a flight to the Murtala International airport Lagos, I made my hotel reservations online before arriving. The hotel is located in Lagos somewhere in Ikeja near Chinedu’s office. I finally arrived Lagos oh my goodness! I have never seen a an enormous number of black energy bursting people like I saw in Lagos, I noticed how happy they are with smile imprinted in their faces, even as their government is doing pretty little to enrich their lives

The driver dropped me at the hotel and i called Chinedu to come over. He arrived, i let him in, and he locked the door. He hurriedly took my face in his hands, rested his forehead against mine and then kissed me gently. Tongue slowly coaxing my lips open and he suddenly his hands reaching around to embrace me, pulling me against his body. My arms came around him, hands seeking skin and his kisses sending shivers down my spine. M.oans escaping my mouth as our tongues danced, I reached for his a-s squeezing tight. Feeling his hard c.ock pressing against me the kiss became hungrier, with welling sexual excitement growing per second he pushed me towards the bedroom. Kissing me non-stop till we got to the bed and then he pushed me down….panting hard like a lion about to devour his prey and said “let me show you how much i have wanted you”. He reached down and pulled my dress over my head and then he hurriedly pulled off his jeans to reveal a gorgeous black c–k, long, slightly curved and fully erect. His tough masculine hands came under my thighs, and slowly pushed his hands forward reaching for my dripping wet p.ussy. His finger slowly brushed on my c.lit, this sent sensational sparks all over my body and I released a loud moan. His c–k slid inside me stretching my p—y, my immediate reaction was a t—-t of my hips. Every stroke sent another flash of fire through my body; I spread my legs wider his strokes increased in speed like a horse power engine increasing its momentum. Hot waves flooded my body as my first or.gasm flooded me; I quivered and jerked, thrusting hard against him wanting every inch of him inside me.

He then turned me on my side, lifting my leg for a better angle; once again his c–k plunged inside slowly rotating his hip like an oscillator grinding inside me. The tip of his c.ock hitting bottom on every stroke, like a magnetic flux another wave of o—-m welled inside me. The sexual escape lasted for two hours straight, several positions and energy bursting. All in all, i came 6 times; he came thrice, releasing his thick white seed on my thighs. My p—y was happy; it was an absolutely fabulous experience, at the end it was worth it all. We had a one week of a marathon sexual escapade, oh my! No doubt I will sure want to come back to Lagos for this overwhelming sexual escapade wow!

The end



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