YouTube added a Breaking News section on its Homepage

Noticed the “Breaking news” section on YouTube yet? If not then sign out or reload. YouTube recently added this new section on their homepage. YouTube -Recommended Watch It Again Recently uploaded Breaking news. These are now the common sections on YouTube’s new interface.

Breaking news is the trophy of any news channel around the globe. The main concept of YouTube is a video-sharing web on the internet. YouTube added “News” section at the end of 2013 intersected into Business, Sports, Technology and other common topics. Breaking news is not one of them yet. This section, right now, is streaming the resignation of Steve Bannon as Trump’s advisor, I just paused. Eight videos are displaying on the horizontal playlist of view all. Uploaders are the big names like Al Jazeera, ABC, BBC, CNN, Fox News or India TV covering the map.

Auto-generated topic channel “News” got 33M subscribers on YouTube. It stands at number four on BEST OF YOUTUBE. Contents of the Breaking section can be found on the Top Stories of News.

Entertainment seems to be the favorite topic of viewers proved by the List of most viewed YouTube videos. Skipping the Breaking news section appears common. Clicking “X” in the right corner of this section will notify the service that you’re Not interested. This section is the new ghost on YouTube. The period of its existence is unclear. It started just after the massive Barcelona attack. This section may flash during the moments or scars in history.


YouTube is also asking for feedback on their homepage. This may result in random changes on the front face. They might generate new sections or remodel old ones.

The longevity of this section isn’t ensured. But the second most traffic ranked site may spread the news more efficiently than any other on the Web.

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