4 Tips You Should Know to Selecting the Best Music Downloader For Your Android Phone

Music is food for the soul. Listening to the latest tracks from your favorite artists when relaxing on the beach will make the holiday perfect. For others, it is the ultimate way to enjoy a ride to and from work, refresh old memories, rekindle lost love, and remain in the best mood. But wait a minute! The lovely tracks you cherish so much might not be there next time you visit YouTube or preferred streaming service. This is because the music is under the control of other parties.

  • The artist might decide to pull the song or video down from the service
  • The streaming service might institute new policies that force some songs removed from the lists
  • The online services and databases can be attacked by cyber criminals bringing down the network or damaging the tracks
  • The music site can become unavailable during maintenance or when shifting to new domains

The best way to be in full control of your music and take entertainment to the next level is downloading and storing into the drive. Here are top four tips for selecting the best music downloader for your Android phone.



Smartphones are no longer simple communication gadgets. They are complex computing devices that have made cyber criminals to shift the focus of their attacks from conventional PCs. The app you pick should be highly secure and free from malware. You can tell this by checking the following;

  • Look for the app that is designed with the latest technology
  • The creator should be fully committed to working on regular updates
  • The app should be locked to devices operating on the latest operating systems

Note that malware that targets your phone can cause a lot of damage such as destroying stored files, stealing documents, encrypting data, or auctioning personal info on the black market. For people who store sensitive info on the phone, malware can steal passwords and access financial wallets to siphon away cash. Whichever the YouTube and music downloader you pick, security should always be a top priority.



If you love listening to audio tracks, the chances are that even closely related videos will be fascinating. On YouTube, many songs are accompanied by videos to guarantee users of great entertainment. The app you select should provide capabilities even to download videos. If the selected app can only download music, you will be forced to get additional software to download a video of choice.

Remember that though your target might be to free download YouTube videos, it does not mean that other platforms do not have great tracks. For example, SoundCloud has become a great alternative to YouTube because of its large collections and partnerships with top music producers. Therefore, only go for top apps such as InsTube and 4Sharedthat can pull music and videos from any platform.



While the bottom line to an app is the capability to pull out tracks, it is the additional rich features that will separate the standard apps from the best apps. The additional features expand the utility of an app to guarantee users of top notch entertainment. You can look for features such as these;

  • Embedded video converters: These help to convert videos to the right format depending on the device to be used.
  • Download Accelerator: This is a very crucial feature that helps to accelerate downloads so that long tracks or many tracks can complete within a very short time.


When it comes to apps development, the product can only be as good as the creator. Most top companies are interested in building a long lasting image with their products as opposed to simple monetary gains. To know if a company is great, make sure to evaluate its mission, operational team, and follow expert reviews. With top music download app developing companies, you can never go wrong.



InsTube is the undisputed market leader when it comes to downloading music and videos from YouTube. The app is designed by InsTube with a special focus on YouTube music and videos for Android. Here are the key features and capabilities of InsTube.

  • The App is one of the best free apps to download YouTube videos free.
  • It has a Video Converter that enables users to convert videos and songs to the preferred formats.
  • The Video Locker feature of the app helps to secure music and videos after downloading.
  • It is one of the most secure apps out there. InsTube is engineered using the latest Android technology and the creator regularly releases updates to keep the app and users safe.
  • The app can be used to download both music and videos from YouTube, SoundCloud, and even social media platforms such as Facebook.


Though the name of this app might suggest it is simply a YouTube downloader, it does more than that. The app is designed to allow users access YouTube and pick the tracks of choice easily. The main features of this app include;

  • It allows users to download songs and videos from other sites
  • It has a video and music converter to ensure you can watch the music from any device.
  • You can queue the songs to download progressively.
  • It allows users to merge videos and record on-screen videos

The main con of this application is that it allows a lot of apps to run in its interface. If you are not careful, the chances of clicking on an ad unintentionally are very high.


Any Video Converter is preferred because it is easy to use the video interface. Once the app is installed, it allows a user to select the preferred video and music output. Besides, it also accelerates every download to help users pull out and store more tracks within a very short period. Notably, the app users can include some color effects or overlays to videos for personalization.

Despite the lovely performance from this app, it has some serious flaws. First, the free version locks most of the features out. If you are looking for an app that is entirely free for downloading music, the first two options are the best

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